Online Debt Assessment

Online Debt Assessment

An Online Debt Assessment from Credit Agencies

Finding out what your credit rating is with the various credit agencies in South Africa need not be a lengthy procedure. You can submit all the necessary information over the internet for an online debt assessment. The credit agencies are legislated to offer each and every citizen one free credit report per annum. The credit report can be e-mailed or faxed directly to your personal computer. The report will not only show your current credit rating but reflect any creditors that have blacklisted you or any judgments that have been made against you. You can also call the credit agencies for clarification on any information that you might not understand.

Once you are in possession of your online debt assessment, you can assess which creditors you still owe money to and whether you have been incorrectly listed for bad debt. Contact your creditors and submit any proof of payment of a debt that has been settled to begin the process of clearing a wrongful black listing. Never call your creditors that you still owe money to and make arrangements for a repayment plan or begin paying money to them. This is considered an admission of guilt that you did not fulfil your financial obligation to them and they can then institute legal action against you such as the attachment of your assets and other belongings. You can get advice from a lawyer on how to handle the situation correctly or apply for debt review.

The debt review process will offer you protection against any legal or other action that your creditors may wish to take against you. Your creditors will be informed that you are receiving debt counselling and that they may no longer have any contact with you. The debt counsellor will then make arrangements for a new repayment plan with each of your creditors on your behalf.

To receive an online debt assessment and find out more about how you can begin to access the debt review process, please contact us.

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